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Our clients enjoy a fast, easy, intuitive and cost-effective transfer of funds. We have also created a solution for Partners that cultivates a mutually beneficial relationship by harnessing our passion for client service and cutting-edge technology.

Our goal is to develop a partnership network and community that can work together to benefit one another. This could be from cross referrals, introductions, advice or just simply networking. The community we are building creates an environment where opportunities can be explored and business can flourish.

By using Privalgo’s intuitive Partner Portal, it has never been easier to benefit your clients and customers while also creating an additional revenue stream. It has been designed with the client at the centre that connects our relationship team with that of our partners.

Our platform supports collaboration and simplifies the entire client journey providing feedback every step of the way. There’s no easier way to manage the referral process, gain real time insight on the stage your client is in or to access powerful reporting.

We have one objective in mind and that is to achieve market leading conversion rates. Our platform enables us to analyse our conversion performance and areas that can be improved to enhance conversion rates in the future. We give our partners access to the same information so that we can work together and achieve more.

Our marketing team and tools will support you when attracting potential clients by producing bespoke and relevant content – articles, webinars, white papers, SEO and joint PR campaigns.

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