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Why did we create Privalgo? It's simple: we wanted to give people something that didn't exist before – a way to transfer currencies via the latest technology, coupled with great service and complete transparency.

We recognised that the foreign exchange market gave you a service-led offering or a digital-led one, but not both – and we knew that wasn't enough. So, we ...


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Fed Preview: Is this a Turning Point for the USD?
18 September 2019

Tonight we have the Federal Reserve meeting where the US is forecast to cut rates by 25 basis points. After policymakers were divided after July's rate cut, tonight's announcement could have significant effects to not only the USD and foreign exchange market but also have ramifications for the global economy as a whole.  An ultra-dovish Fed would cut rates by 50 basis points and use a clear bias t...

Which Currency Exchange Product is Right for You?
11 September 2019

Not everyone has the same priorities for exchanging foreign currencies. In some cases, time is of the essence, while for others, a transaction needs to be carried out on a specified date. At other times, there is no immediate rush for the exchange to take place, making it possible to wait for the market to achieve a preferential exchange rate. At Privalgo, we offer a wide range of foreign currency...

The Currency Manipulation Game
10 September 2019

If you’ve ever holidayed overseas or made a purchase abroad, you may have experience of personal foreign exchange. Exchange rates play a pivotal role in commerce, too, and can have a significant influence on the success of imports and exports in a country. The free trade market is based on the principle of free currency exchange rates, which allows the fluctuation in line with supply and demand. T...

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